Wardrobe of an Investment Banking Analyst

Now that you have landed your investment banking internship offer, you probably have a few questions on wardrobes and accessories.

It is important to remember that clothing says a lot about a person. You want to clean, sharp and fresh every day, but you don’t want to look better or wear more expensive clothing than your Managing Director. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your summer internship.



  • Two-piece charcoal, grey, or navy suit with matching jacket and pants
    • Three-piece suits are never worn by analysts
  • Most interns have 2-5 suits ranging in colors
    • You can always buy more when you get the full-time offer, but you don’t need to go overboard


  • White or light blue shirts without a pocket
  • Most interns have 7-10 shirts
    • Buy more shirts rather than less- there is nothing worse than having to wear a stained, wrinkled, or smelly shirt to work
  • Classic, semi-spread, or spread collar
    • No extreme spread collars and no button down collars


  • Most analysts have 5-10 ties that they wear on a regular basis
  • It is a good idea to have several ties at home and 1-2 ties to keep rolled at your desk in case of emergency
  • Ties should not clash with suit jackets or shirts
  • Length of the tie should be at the tip of the belt buckle
  • Do not wear skinny ties or tie clips
  • When it comes to tie brands, you do not want to seem arrogant
    • Some groups are more relaxed, but in general, it is a good idea to stay away from Ferragamo and Hermes as an analyst


  • Brown or black lace-up oxfords
  • Most interns have at least 1-2 pairs of shoes
    • Don’t go buy 5 new pairs just for the internship
  • Cap toe and winged tip shoes are common
  • Keep your shoes well shined and looking presentable


  • Socks that match your pants color
    • Some groups wear fun patterns and others don’t
  • Be careful with cufflinks
    • They can be acceptable in some groups, but also may come off as arrogant at the junior level
  • Dress belt that matches your shoe color
  • Watches give a professional look, but definitely aren’t expected
    • Don’t walk in wearing a very expensive watch. Some senior people see it as arrogant.
  • Most interns don’t carry briefcases
    • Definitely don’t go buy a briefcase for the summer internship- your backpack will work just fine
  • Bracelets are often seen as non-professional
  • Rings (other than wedding rings) can be seen as unprofessional
  • Earrings (for men) can be seen as unprofessional